What a title to begin this conversation with. When we look at women of this world, what do we see? We don’t have to go far to get an incredible visual on what the female specie has come to and why.  The ‘Reality’ T.V. era we’re in has laid it all out for us in all its shamefulness. 

The Bible tells us that there is nothing new under the sun (Ecc.1:9). Really? So, what does this tell us? Well, it is simply saying that the same mentality behind ‘Reality’ T.V. existed long ago just in a different form, yet the same ole thing. In biblical times there were lewd women, women who enticed men, women who overpowered the man, women who lacked self-respect and dignity. 

Let’s look at the woman mentioned in Genesis 19. She isn’t given a name other than reference to her as being Lot’s wife. We know the story of Lot and how his wife disobeyed the command to not look back. She was destined for greatness, but instead, she became a pillar of salt. She impacted the future of her household by her ungodly lifestyle. When you can’t leave your past behind, it will suck the life out of you! 

In Genesis 19:30-33 we read of Lot’s daughters who concocted an evil and devious scheme to get pregnant. This incestuous act brought about two nations, the Moabites and the Ammonites. These two women lacked the faith needed to believe that God could bless them with offspring, so as a result, they took matters into their own hands and what a mess that was.  

There was a woman named Delilah whom Samson fell in love with, or lust with. She ended his career so to speak. She used him for her own personal gain. Judges 16:15-18 gives us a sorted account of the relationship between these two. What a sad end to the man God wanted Samson to be. Delilah, much like the women we see on todays ‘Reality’ shows, used her womanly wiles of seduction to get what she wanted. 

Jezebel is another woman who took the cake as far as evil goes. Her name is synonymous with wickedness. We read about her in 1 Kings16, 18, 19, 21 and in 2 Kings 9. Jezebel was a terrible example to her daughter Athalia. Athalia ended up doing the same evil as her mother. Jezebel had no respect for her husband, King Ahab. It didn’t help that he was a wimp of a man who let his wife wear the pants. Her ending was vicious and played out just as it was prophesied. She was thrown from the window and the dogs devoured her. 

I could go on and on about women in the Bible days who were much like the ones we see on T.V. who debase themselves while unveiling all types of sinful behavior for the world to see. There is absolutely no shame in their game.  

God created you and I to be women on purpose for His purpose. God didn’t make a mistake. He intended for us to show forth His glory and be to His praise as we let our lights shine in this dark world. We are to show the world what a true woman looks like and the beauty she’s arrayed with. The world should be able to look at each of us and wonder at the aroma we give off. They should be in awe as they see us move about on the earth with grace and dignity. The unsaved woman should be so inclined to make inquiry of our peculiarness. We should be an enigma! 

It is said that mothers raise who they are. Let us build our house like the wise woman in Proverbs 14:1. “The wise woman builds her house, but the foolish pulls it down with her hands.” 

About the Author

Patricia Stuart is an Author and Visual Artist whose ministry work involves conference speaking and ministering to women. In her books she shares the challenges of trials, afflictions and thoughts on female friendship relationship struggles. She also shares the many challenges she has faced in being a parent.  

Patricia serves in Bible study groups and in music ministry. Her books can be found on Amazon as well as her website.