There are things in life that we don’t know and still we will be okay in our not knowing
of them. For those of you who are raising children, you expect them to know the rules of
the house, how mom and dad feel about certain things, where to put their toys and
belongings when they’re finished with them and how to share with others. These are
typical things you expect from your children.

The Lord spent many hours with His disciples when He walked this earth. They saw
miracles performed and heard faith words straight from the mouth of Jesus. They saw
Him walk on water and calm the raging sea, yet they were dull.

Jesus was always instructing His followers on who He was and from whence He came.
The Pharisees and Sadducees forever disputed over the things they witnessed because
they lacked the faith to believe. The Jews knew the law backward and forward, but they
didn’t recognize the law giver that was among them.

There were times when the Lord skipped over a city or town because there was no faith
to be found within its gates. Jesus always looked for evidence of faith wherever He
traveled. We read about the many miracles of healing that were performed on those who
possessed faith. The changed lives that suddenly occurred because of the faith each
individual exhibited. There were people who made requests for healing who believed that
all Jesus needed to do was say the word and in returning home, they knew their loved one
or friend would be healed. They didn’t have to be there to see it.

In John 6:5, Jesus poses a question to Philip. “Then Jesus lifted up His eyes, and seeing a
great multitude coming toward Him, He said to Philip, “Where shall we buy bread, that
these may eat?” Why would Jesus ask such a question? How in the world would Philip
know how that great multitude of people was to be fed? Any question that the Lord asks
He expects the person to have the answer.

Philip takes the position of telling the Lord what wouldn’t be enough. He never answers
the question. We too are like Philip in that regard. There are things that God expects us to
know and we are focused on what we don’t know or have the answers for.

What are the things God expects you to know? I don’t know how long you have been a
Christian walking with the Lord and I don’t know your particular circumstances or
experiences but, I do know this; there are answers you should know and situations you
should have assurances for.

God expected Philip to know what to do in that situation of feeding all those people.
Hadn’t Philip been privy to prior miracles and phenomenal works of Jesus? Philip had
walked with Jesus following Him closely long enough to know how He handles certain
situations and what He was capable of doing.

Are you stumped over a trial or challenge you’re facing right now? Are you at a loss for
answers as to how things will be resolved? You shouldn’t be at a loss for the answers
because the Lord God has it already worked out. He has the answer waiting for you.
Don’t sweat it because He will never leave you nor forsake you in your time of need.

Most of our restlessness and anxiousness come when we put a mental time frame on the
solutions to our problems and difficulties. Think about it; we may know that God will
handle it, but we want Him to step in right away and take care of the matter. We don’t
want to wait weeks, months, or even years before we are delivered of it. Often, we
struggle to endure trials and tribulations because of this very thing. This is the truth of the
matter. I know from personal experience that I too have asked the Lord God to step in
right away to ease my burdens, but He hardly ever did.

Philip’s answer to Jesus should have been, “Lord, you are the miracle worker and I know
you and you alone can provide for this multitude of people.” God expects that all of our
previous experiences of answered prayers, deliverances, and provisions serve as a
powerful testament to what He is not only able to do, but what He will continue to do in greater proportion. We are to go back often and recall all the answered prayers of the past
and the many things the Lord has performed on our behalf and hold them close because
when the next set of circumstances come, He can do no less than He’s already done. We
can expect Him to deliver us, provide for us, and help us and to bless us!

Keep a spiritual journal! Either write your requests down with dates and answered prayer,
or record it somehow. We forget so much stuff along the Christian journey that we need
to be reminded often of the goodness of God. We need to be reminded of His power and
His incredible love for us.

May you and I continue to walk with God and pay close attention to how He does what He does. May we observe what He is doing in the lives of others so we too can look forward to our blessing. When challenges come, big and small, may we have the assurance that it will go well for us. We may not know the ‘When’, “How’ or the ‘Why’, but we can know that God will take care of the matter for us.

Patricia Stuart is an Author and Visual Artist whose ministry work involves conference
speaking, and ministering to women. In her books, she shares the challenges of trials and
afflictions and thoughts on female relationship struggles. She also shares the many
challenges she faced in being a parent.

Patricia serves in Bible study groups and in music ministry. Her books can be found on
Amazon as well as her website.