Dealing With Anxiety Part 1

In these days of uncertainty, many are feeling anxious and fearful. God knows our tendency towards anxiety and has given His Word to help us through these difficult times.

Dealing With Anxiety Part 2

God promises to provide for His children. He reminds us that we don’t need to worry about what we will eat, drink or wear, and not to be anxious about tomorrow.

Taming The Tongue

Death and life are in the power of the tongue. How do we tame out tongue so that it is used to bless others and bring glory to God?

God’s Invitation To Rest

Are you weary and troubled? Jesus invites you to come to Him and find the rest that your soul is longing for.

Our Sufficient God

Do you ever feel as though you don’t have what it takes to do those things that you have to been asked to do? Your sufficient God can give you all that you need to fulfill each task.

Things That Will Last

At times our hearts are sad when we realize that the things and relationships that we love will not last forever.  The Bible however tells us of some things that will last forever.

At The Feet Of Jesus

At times when we experience hard times in our lives, we begin to lose hope. What can we do to find hope during those difficult times?


Have you ever been so hurt by something that has happened to you that you became bitter? There is hope if you find yourself in that situation.

How To Wait Well

Have you ever prayed about something for a long time and it seemed as though God was not answering? How did you wait? Join me as we discuss how to wait well.

The Lord Of The Hills

Where do you go for help? Psalm 121 tells us of the God of the hills, He is our help.

What’s In A Name?
During this season many are focusing on the birth of Jesus. What’s in a name? Join me as we look at the names Jesus and Immanuel and what that means for us today.