Isaiah 26:3 tells us, “You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast because they trust in you.” Distractions are everywhere! Something as simple as concentrating competes with noise, interruptions, and busyness. It takes conscious planning to focus in while keeping to the task at hand.

Let’s take a look at Lot’s wife and the struggle she had that ended up costing her everything. In Genesis 19 we read the account of the great destruction upon Sodom for their outrageous, egregious sins that God could no longer tolerate. Lot had taken his family into Sodom, gained position and wealth there, and his daughters married ungodly men. Lot’s wife apparently enjoyed her life in Sodom to the point where the very thought of leaving at the Angel’s command was the last thing she wanted to do.

There are only two verses in the Bible that mention Lot’s wife. The other account is in Luke 17:32 where it says, “Remember Lot’s wife.” This portion of scripture is a warning concerning what the scene will look like at the second coming of our Lord Jesus. It speaks to sudden destruction upon unbelievers without warning. People at that time will be eating, drinking, and going on with life as usual without any concern for what’s to come.

Lot’s wife, having to be hurried out of Sodom, was too much for her to bear. They were warned to make haste and to not look back. They were to keep their eyes forward to where the Angel was directing them to go. Lot’s wife turned to look back. Bad move. So, what does ‘Looking Back’ suggest? Lot and his family lived well in Sodom. They wanted for nothing. I can see their digs and all the lavish draperies, fine clothes, furniture and dishes they ate from. Life was good for Mrs. Lot. She was quite satisfied with things as they were until that fateful day. Before she looked back, she was lagging behind. She lingered in her heart and mind. When she looked back, she was revealing that her mind was on all she was leaving behind. Not only were her thoughts back in Sodom, her heart was fully engaged there as well. That strong tug on her heart that sinful Sodom planted there was hard to separate from. She was mourning her lost and she couldn’t resist that one last look at the city and its entire splendor she was leaving behind, and that, by force. Yes, she didn’t choose to let go of Sodom, she was forced to let go. She was sick with sorrow. She disobeyed God’s command to look forward and not backward and as a result she became a pillar of salt.

There is no greater lesson here for us than the one of keeping our eyes on Jesus and Jesus only! This world is much like Sodom in that it is under God’s judgment. We are living in it but not of it. We have gained jobs, possessions, goods and clothes that we enjoy using. They are necessary for our journey here, but this world is not our home. We are citizens of heaven and its government which is under a holy and righteous God. The Lord could come at any moment. Are we consciously aware of that? Do we wake up each day thinking He may come today? Are we so comfortable like Lot’s wife enjoying all the amenities of earth with feet up taking our ease? If so, let me caution you to “Remember Lot’s wife.”

The material things we have been blessed with were not given for us to focus on. At any moment we will have to let them go. We will be forced to. I don’t think when the rapture occurs I’ll be trying to grab that designer handbag with my favorite pair of shoes. It will happen so quickly that I wouldn’t be able to think of anything. My point is that we should be spiritually ready to leave at any moment. Our hearts should not be lagging behind holding on to the pleasures of this world. Lot’s wife was very materialistic and it showed exactly where her heart was.

Our mind and heart should be engaged with Christ daily. That is the key to having all we have, yet, we hold the ‘stuff’ lightly with unclenched fists. We have the stuff, we enjoy the stuff, but we are not holding the stuff tightly. Holding the stuff lightly means that we can easily let it go when the time comes. When are those times to let the stuff go? Letting the stuff go when it’s time to sit in His presence, when it’s time to worship God, when it’s time to serve God and when it’s time to witness for God. Our jobs, our families, our possessions and our dreams must not come before God. Keeping our eyes on the Lord keeps our mind and heart focused on what is priority as a Christian. Lot’s wife failed in this and it caused her to lag behind spiritually and literally physically. She was hindered from coming into all that God had for her. Look at who her daughters married and those husbands laughed when Lot told them to get up and flee Sodom. They perished! Daughters are a reflection of their mother. These young women were concerned for their future but in a worldly, carnal way. That was clearly seen when they committed incest. God left Lot’s wife in the frozen state her heart was in. It is said that a salted, crusted heap of her remains is still on the outskirts of Sodom to this day.

Let us be encouraged to not lag behind in making the spiritual progress in our lives that God intended for us to achieve. Let us keep our minds stayed on the Lord God and His Word daily. Let us enjoy what God has blessed us with and not be so engaged with it that they occupy that place in our heart that belongs to God. Don’t let the job, family ties, relationships, house or car become a number one priority in your life.

“Remember Lot’s wife!”

About The Author

Patricia Stuart is an Author and Visual Artist whose ministry work involves conference speaking, and ministering to women. In her books she shares the challenges of trials and afflictions and thoughts on female relationship struggles. She also shares the many challenges she faced in being a parent.

Patricia serves in Bible study groups and in music ministry. Her books can be found on Amazon as well as her website.