“You formed my inward parts; You covered me in my mother’s womb. I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, And my soul knows very well” (Psalms 139: 13-14).

You are one of a kind, different, and a designer’s original. From the way you’re shaped, the way you walk, your personality and even the skill you possess. There are no carbon copies with God!

From the time we’re little girls, we learn somehow how to differentiate between ourselves and others. We look across the classroom and we admire Susan’s golden color hair, or the color of Rebecca’s eyes or even the way Mary smiles. I can’t really put my hand on when admiration and taking notice of others began. After we have admired, we then compare ourselves to what we’ve noticed, and now we see ourselves as inadequate. It’s happens in our subconscious from the time we’re young.

The danger of comparing ourselves with others comes in when we fail to have a healthy view of ourselves. We don’t out right know it at the time, but we seem to favor what we like in others as the standard. I don’t think we ever really took the time as young girls to stop and list the things we liked about ourselves; we focused more on what we came to prefer we were. There really wasn’t anyone steering us away from such thinking. 

The world we live in is driven and addicted to what people look like on the outside. Since the advancement of technology, we’re constantly bombarded with the world’s standard of beauty. Our little girls are growing up not only seeing these things in the media, but they’re seeing it much earlier than we ever did. They are also affected by what they see as the standard of beauty. We’ve got to teach our girls to value every aspect of how God made them.

Let’s take a look at God’s perspective on this subject. God formed you and me in such a way where there were no similarities between us. We each may have eyes, a nose, and ears, but they are not positioned neither shaped in the same way. We are able to breathe through our nose; however, the channel from the nose that affects our vocal sound is uniquely different. That is why your voice has a different tone than any one elses. God is amazing, isn’t he? He made trillions upon trillions of humans since time began and not one of us is like the other.

Since God never created mannequins, it is pretty evident that our differences are a compliment to who we were to become. We are fearfully and wonderfully made! We were set aside for the Master’s use. You and I were created for a purpose!

So now that we have established that we were made to be different, on purpose, it needs to be said that in God’s family there is to be no competition. God loves each of His children with the same love.

We are surrounded by competitive spirits. There is a competition for just about everything these days. The food network has embraced it, weight loss organizations as well, and when it comes to one’s talent and skill, it’s being rated by the world’s view of what they deem as ‘Best’. We can certainly understand it when it comes to the world, but with God it has no place in His Kingdom.

In the body of Christ God has established unity. This prevents one individual from being the sole focus of attention. Every member is of utmost importance and necessary. Competitiveness creates division and God is not for that. 

What God has given you is uniquely different from everyone else. It is so beautiful that God chose to create you in that way. I don’t know about you, but I love it! There is nobody like you and nobody like me! We get to do what God has for us to do freely without reservation. Each of us can bring our own special quality and flavor to ministry work. No one can do what you can do in the same way.

Another interesting fact is that you and I are complex; too complex to be like anyone else and that’s another reason we’re not to look around at others wishing we had what they had. If we find ourselves less satisfied with who we are, we should really get before God and have an all out honest conversation with Him. God didn’t make a mistake when He chose to form you in your mother’s womb the way He did. Always keep in mind and remember that these negative feelings come from the sinful nature within you. 

In Genesis 1:31 it says, “Then God saw everything that He had made, and indeed it was very good.” This was God’s take on things in the very beginning of creation. God’s assessment of anything He has created is ‘GOOD’. Good in quality, in form, and in the very essence of the thing. In Psalms 139: 16 it reads, “Your eyes saw my substance being yet unformed And in Your book they all were written, The days fashioned for me When as yet there were none of them.” This is very profound and deep, if you ask me. Before you and I were even created, God had a blue print with all the details, even the life span of our lives. How thorough is that? Only a creator with an unimaginable love could bring that about.

Let us be encouraged for we are God’s handiwork!  We are a designer’s original and made from the very best materials that God had to give!

About The Author

Patricia Stuart is an Author and Visual artist whose ministry work involves conference speaking and ministering to young women. Her books speak to those who have experienced trials and afflictions and female relationship struggles. She also shares the challenges of being a parent. Patricia serves in her local church by way of music and in women’s ministry. Patricia’s books can be found on Amazon and on her website.