From the time we were born we were introduced to other humans. The very first ones were directly connected to us via our parents. After being welcomed with love and joy by our birth parents, we were placed in the warm arms of our grandparents. This is usually the first core of relationships that were built. Perhaps there was another sibling or two and that made our entrance into this world even more special.

The connections we’ve made, over the years, as children, youth, and as adults, have had great influence on us for the good or for the bad. I’d like to think that many of us have experienced more positive relationships than not, but some of us may be the exception.

Relationships are very important because God created humans to interact with other humans. It is vital for the socialization skill set and for the growth and understanding of one another. It’s in connecting with others that we see how different we are, yet we’re cut from the same cloth. You can travel to another country where other women speak a different language, yet see the similarities that exist in just being women. All mothers love and doat on their children. All mothers share pregnancy as the way to have children although their experiences may differ. 

How do we nurture these vital, yet delicate relationships with others seeing we differ in some ways? How do we embrace our differences and grow to appreciate the beauty in others? 

We live in a society that is self-seeking and terribly selfish and cold at times. Many view relationships as a networking tool or on a need basis. It’s unfortunate when we see these same worldly attitudes and behavior find its way into the Christian community. The word of God tells us that in the last days people would be narcissistic and selfish only thinking of themselves, (2 Timothy 3:2) but I believe God expects differently from His own children.

Relationships with others not only help us to grow spiritually and naturally, they support us and bring enjoyment especially when the connection is working in a godly way. There is nothing more beautiful than to share the Lord, and things in general with a sister and feel that bond of love.  We also get to see the face of the Lord in a different way than we’re used to when a sister shares what God has been to her and how He has helped her or ministered to her in her hour of need. I have found those moments to be the most beautiful. To know that the same God that I pray to and have placed my confidence in has shown up in a different way than I know gives me hope and a greater expectation. That is why it is so important that we, as women, allow ourselves to be vulnerable enough to share, with those we trust of course, because that gives us a new window from which to view God.

How well are we handling these blessed connections with other humans? Are we careful in how we treat others? Are we mindful and considerate of one another’s feelings? It doesn’t matter how long we’ve known a person; we should still show respect and consideration as we did when we first met them. There were liberties we would not take and we were careful of our words. As we’ve gotten to know them better, we let our guard down a little; that’s understandable, however, we should never take them for granted. 

In the Bible there are some wonderful relationships, for example, Mary and Elizabeth. They were both pregnant at the same time and shared in the joy of all they had in common. They were spiritually minded women who God chose to carry two most important lives that would impact their world. We see the tightly knit bond between David and Jonathan who protected David with his life. How about that wonderful friendship between Ruth and Naomi; a younger woman and an older woman. Their relationship was tested and truly tried and it stood the test of time. There are so many blessings to be had in cultivating relationships. Let us hold on to the ones we have as we appreciate them more and more. Let’s be mindful of doing right by them, and never taking them for granted. May we get to see the face of the Lord, through them, that we have never seen before!

                                                     About The Author

Patricia Stuart is an Author and Visual Artist whose ministry work involves conference speaking, and ministering to young women. Her books speak to those who have experienced trials and afflictions and female relationship struggles. She also shares the challenges in being a parent. 

Patricia serves in her local church by way of music ministry and women’s ministry work. Patricia’s books can be found on Amazon and on her website.