Principle: Jesus cares about what you are going through

Do you ever feel alone as you go through your trials or troubles? Have you ever asked the question, “God, where are you? Do you care about what I’m going through?”

I have good news for you, God is always present and very concerned about what you are going through right now.

When Jesus was on earth, we often read that He had compassion on those around Him. Let’s look at 5 instances which clearly show that Jesus cares about you and the situations that you face in your life.

Jesus Cares About Your Financial Situation

In Luke chapter 7 verse 13, we read about the widow of Nain. Here was a woman who had already lost her husband, and now her son has died.

Back in those days, the males in the household worked the land and provided financially for the family. With the death of her husband, this widow’s only means of survival was now through her son, and now he too had died. Could you imagine how brokenhearted this mother felt? She had just lost the son that she dearly loved and the only breadwinner in her family, how would she survive now?

Does Jesus care about our financial problems? Yes, He does!

As Jesus drew near the gate of the town, He saw the funeral procession for the young man and a large group mourning with his mother. ‘And when Jesus saw her, he had compassion on her and said, “Do not weep.” (Luke 7:13)

Jesus then went to the coffin causing the pallbearers to stop, and said,

“Young man, I say to you, arise…and Jesus gave him to his mother (v14-15).”

Jesus knew her situation, had compassion on her, spoke words of comfort and hope to her and worked on her behalf.

If you are having financial troubles right now, know that Jesus cares about what you are going through, He has the answer. Seek His wisdom and trust Him, He will make a way for you and show you what to do.

Jesus Cares When You Are Sad

It was a very tough time for the followers of Jesus. They saw Him as a prophet who was mighty in word and deed before God and all the people, now He was killed.

As two of Jesus’ followers journeyed to the village of Emmaus, they were sad about all that had happened. “While they were talking and discussing together, Jesus himself drew near and went with them (Luke 24:15). He then said to them,

“What manner of communications are these that ye have one to another, as ye walk, and are sad?” (Luke 24:17 KJV)

Jesus knew how they were feeling and cared about them. He drew close to them and brought comfort to their heavy hearts as He talked with them and “interpreted to them in all the scriptures the things concerning himself (v27).”

When your heart is sad, know that Jesus cares and draws near to you to comfort you in the midst of your sorrow and pain. The question is, do you invite Him into your situation. When these two followers of Jesus thought that He was going to leave them, they “Urged him strongly, saying, stay with us… So he went in to stay with them (v28-29).” When you are sad, draw near to Him, He will always be there waiting for you.

Jesus Cares When You Are Fearful

On the evening of the day that Jesus rose from the dead, the disciples were behind locked doors because they were fearful of the Jews. Their master was just killed by the religious leaders, would they be the next to die?

Suddenly someone was standing in their midst, it was Jesus.”How did He get in through the locked door?” They must have wondered. Jesus knew that they were fearful and wanted to give them the gift of His presence and words to calm their souls.

“Peace be with you.” (John 20:19)

He said to them, then showed them His hands and side. “Then the disciples were glad when they saw the Lord.” Three times in the chapter (v 19,21,26) Jesus spoke peace to then as if to say don’t let your heart be troubled, I am your peace you don’t have to be anxious and troubled.

Are you going through a situation right now that is making your heart fearful? Jesus is speaking these words to your heart, “Peace be with you.”

Jesus Cares About The Condition Of Your Soul

I wonder what thoughts went through the mind of this desperate woman as she walked into Simon’s house to see Jesus? Everyone knew her as a sinner, a woman with a bad reputation. But she had to get to Jesus, she felt the weight of her sins on her shoulders and was bowed low under its heavy load.

When she learned that Jesus was having dinner at Simon’s house, she knew that she had to see Him. She would not be turned away, she entered the door and headed straight for Him with her alabaster flask of ointment. As she wept at His feet and wiped them with her hair, she kissed them anointing them with the ointment.

Would Jesus cast her aside like everyone else? No, Jesus saw her heart and knew that her sins were many. He also knew that she had a broken spirit and sought His forgiveness which He readily gives to her saying,

“Your sins are forgiven… go in peace.” (Luke 7:48, 50)

Are you crushed under the heavy load of your sin today? Do you feel like you have sinned too much for Jesus to forgive you? He cares about you and draws near to those who are broken over their sins. He will never turn you aside. Come to Jesus with all of your sins, and go in peace.

Jesus Cares When You Cry

Early on resurrection morning, Mary Magdalene went to the tomb, while it was still dark. She then saw that the stone had been taken away from the tomb. Running, she went to tell Simon Peter and John what had happened. “They have taken the Lord out of the tomb, and we do not know where they have laid him (John 20:2).” She told them. The two disciples ran back to the tomb and saw that it was empty with the linen cloths and Jesus’s face cloth lying there. They believed and went back to their homes.

Mary, however, stood outside the tomb weeping. She also saw 2 angels in white sitting where Jesus’ body was laid, one at the head and one at the feet, who asked her why she was weeping. She then turned and Jesus asked her, “Woman, why are you weeping? Whom are you seeking?” (John 20:15)

Her eyes were so filled with tears that she did not recognize Jesus, she thought that it was the gardener. But when Jesus called her name, she turned and immediately knew that it was Him.

It always touches my heart when I think of how much Jesus loved Mary. She was the first to see Him after His resurrection. He cared about her enough to ask her why she was crying and called her by her name.

My dear sister, Jesus sees you, cares about you and wants you to tell Him what you are going through. He has not forgotten you, He knows you by name.

Note: All references are taken from the English Standard Version unless otherwise noted.