The current cultural climate demands the modern woman to always crave something more, doesn’t it? The bestselling books, the popular speakers, the social media influencers, the trendy slogans, the advertisements, they all tell us the same thing. They point us to look outside our circumstances and want something more, to be something more.  

“Don’t lose yourself,” they say. “Be a warrior. Your identity is in what you do. There is more, there is more, there is more.”

Daughter of God, have you ever found yourself standing in the middle of your holy, wholly ordinary life and felt those questions pierce through your peace and penetrate deep holes in your contentment? 

Do ever you find yourself whispering a question in response to the demands that swirl around, “Is it ok to be ok with just this life I’ve been given? This simple life of service to my family, my home, my calling, my God?”

Yes, I could be out there shattering glass ceilings but instead I’m here sweeping Cheerios off the floor once again.

I could be climbing a corporate ladder, heading toward greatness but instead I’m stumbling through a dark room to shush a startled cry.

I could be travelling the world for extravagant business but instead my lap and arms are a destination for four little souls to whom I will always be home.

I could be filling myself up with all the tantalizing morsels of success but instead I’m filling up with homey, simple things that satisfy my soul.

I could be making a name for myself,immortalized in shining letters, but instead I am known as mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend. 

I could be doing more, gaining more, desiring more. 

They say I could. They tell me I should. 

But the answer that swells in the middle of the pressure is that all I desire is to continue being planted right here, in the middle of the calling that some might call shackles but I call joy. 

Fully free in the Spirit. 

Beloved in Christ.

Known of God. 

Here, I continually taste a peace that no insatiable quest for more could ever satisfy. In service to Him, in faithfulness to the things He’s called me to, I am surround by Him.The world can coax, ridicule, demand and rage for more but, “You make known to me the path of life; in your presence is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.” Psalm 16:11.  

What banner or laurel or conquest of the world could ever compete with that?

My identity is in Christ, as I abide in the simple joy of serving Him and those He’s given me. A life that pleases Him is not one that is in constant conquest of more, but one that resides fully in His presence. 

Daughter of God, you are enough in Him. Your service is enough, when done for Him. 

Let the world rage on around you. 

The one who saved you, sees you as you are, and says You are mine. 

About The Author

Busy mom of two sweet girls and two rambunctious boys, I reside in southern Ontario with my husband. In between flipping houses, our travels to the east coast where I grew up and raising our small family for God’s glory, we have our hands utterly full and would have it no other way! More of my writing can be found following me on Instagram: @annalynneredbone; Facebook: Anna Lynne Redekop