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About WISH
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Our History

Janice and Monica have always been passionate about encouraging women in their walk with God. Last year, in their many conversations with women, they realized a consistent theme: a desperate need for community and accountability. But how were they supposed to meet this need? Their answer came in 2019 when God called them to host a conference for women called WISH (Women Intentionally Seeking Him).

Despite their lack of experience, they willingly gave God their “Yes”. One month later, they had their very first WISH Conference on the topic of restoring intimacy with Christ. 

Since then, Women Intentionally Seeking Him has grown into a community of women, intentionally seeking God through prayer, encouraging one another, and meeting weekly to study the Bible together. 

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Our Four Pillars 

1. Growing in the Word

2. Growing in Prayer     

3. Growing in Faith        

4. Growing in Character


Our Volunteers

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